4 Years ago a very special person look me up, he told me the true story of 100 Years of all big events in our history we have been lied about.

He gave me 12 persons in different countries I should lead to find the proofs.

It took us 2 Years of hard work to find it and there was many who checked our proofs, and all of them are correct.

What we start thinking about was, why all this lies to human beings in the world, and why all this wars?

When we start to go into this with how we live, and we got 1000 proofs we live on a flat earth, and when we 6 month ago, got this map who they found hidden since 1000 Years ago in a Buddhist temple in Japan, then we got the last piece of the puzzle.

We live on a flat earth with a firmament proven 110 km over us, who cover us so we can never leave this earth.

We have no satellites, spacestation ISS, we have never been to the moon, even if the moon and the sun is around 90 km from us, who is proven with our cameras, and that both is flat discs and the clouds sometimes goes behind them.

Earth never started with big bang from nothing, we does not develop from chimpanzees we have no DNA who connect us at all to them, and there is no universe or Van Allen Belt, ( that is the firmament )

The thing is, that even if You like me never have been religious, so the creation book in the Bible is absolutely correct, so we have water who surround our world and not any space like lying NASA tells us.

I go back to the map.

Inside the ring who shows the high and long ice who surround our 7 continents, there are 33 unknown continents, the one Byrd found was the one to the right 3 a clock.

This is why everything have happened in our world, 9 countries military in the world protect so no one can visit the ice, and this global warming is just fake, because climate have always change as time goes by.

The power in the world will claim they own all the resources on this 33 continents, that is what they fight about and we have no idea about that.

Aliens and UFO.

Well this is what I think.

We have many proof we seen UFO, and have that UFO from Roswell crash.

So where do they come from?

They can´t pass the firmament, so I believe they live at this 33 continents and just fly over the ice, to check what a hell we are doing who poison our atmosphere, because it effects them to because they are under the same firmament as we are.

The elite in deep state, Freemasont and Illuminati experiment even with cannibalism to be like aliens, we know that today because Donald Trump have open up all this secret files so we can find the truth.

Maybe this elite like to be like aliens to be accepted, and that is why they kill babies and drink their blood as they do and have done for many Years.

We live in a more evil world than we know, but hopefully Trump, Putin and Tchi can take deep state and fake media down one day.

Jan Petersson

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